Esma Annemon Dil

Based in Los Angeles I design interiors, objects, furniture, production sets and virtual worlds, following a deep interest in aesthetics, culture, tech and storytelling.

To create or preserve the character of a space, I use vintage sourced and custom-designed elements whenever possible. For past projects I designed tiles, terrazzo surfaces, fabrics, wallpapers, cabinetry, furniture, cast-iron railings, doors, and develop color concepts with hand-mixed pigments, and created murals.


The work in my own house has been featured as a location in 100+ advertising campaigns and cover magazine editorials. 


Since 2012 I'm part of 5by5 Architecture + Design a network of architects and designers in Munich, Zurich, London, Dubai, and Los Angeles with a strong background in building new, update and restore residential and commercial spaces.


My visual language is heavily influenced by having lived in some of the most stimulating cities around the globe and my experience as a magazine editor for the European editions of VOGUE, Architectural Digest, GQ, and contributor to major newspapers and TV networks. Over 1000 fashion shows, design and art fairs, auctions, travel to unique destinations, exquisite hotels, commercial spaces and private residences informed my taste and drove my interest to create.


Meeting artists and people behind influential ventures is a part of my creative process: Among the most memorable experiences as a reporter are a week with major Chinese artists in Beijing, visiting Karl Lagerfeld's apartment, a day talking about art and architecture with Zaha Hadid in Venice - Italy, a trip with the Eastern Oriental Express, YSL's legendary residence Marrakech, the Goldsmith family resort in Cuixmala and San Antonio, an emerald mine's estate in Columbia, art and architecture in Beirut, Hong Kong and Istanbul, trying a 27-course dinner in Peru, and test driving ultra-luxurious sports cars before they were launched.

Over the past two decades, I've interviewed and learned from wide scope of people, such as Christian Bale, Ai Weiwei, Snoop Dogg, Matt Damon, Doug Aitken Brad Pitt, Urs Fischer, Susan Wojcicki, Yu Hong, Ye Liu, Jared Leto, Zaha Hadid, Jim Harrison, Sean Penn, Serena and Venus Williams, Alexander Skarsgard, Orlando Bloom, Zachary Quinto, Pedro Pascal, Alden Ehrenreich, Tobey Maguire, Patrick Dempsey, George Clooney, Pharrell Williams, Ronnie Wood, Barbara Sukowa, Siri Hustvedt, John Baldessari, Sarah Sze, William Forsythe, Karl Lagerfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Joel Schumacher, Baz Luhrmann, Ron Howard, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Ford, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, Tomas Maier, Riccardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs, Peter Eisenman, Wang Hui, René Zellweger, Hong Ying, and Donna Langley.

My conversation with Anthony Bourdain and Iggy Pop in Miami 2017 is one of the most-read pieces in the history of British GQ.

Between 2007 and 2014 I created, curated and produced German VOGUE's bi-annual 40+ page Style Book, co-authored the short story collection Foreign Affairs, and developed TV-concepts for EOS / Beta film. In 2013/14 I oversaw the style direction of Germany's Next Topmodel with Heidi Klum. From 2002-2007 I was Features Editor / Fashion Features Director with VOGUE Germany in Munich, and responsible for planning, curating, and editing the style sections and writing the main features; in 2001 I worked for Stern Magazine, after a career change from strategy consulting to media in my mid-20s.


Studies in interior design, historic restoration, architecture, 14th-19th century decoration, furniture design, wallpaper, and fabric design, digital-, screen-, and surface printing techniques.  

Master's Degree in Sociology, Psychology, Constitutional and International Law 

Postgrad / Ph.D. Visiting Student Program Columbia University